Season: June - September
Duration: 2 days
Number of participants : Max. 8 people
Meeting point; Lakshol

Level: Medium to demanding.

Price: 2400,- pr. person (min. 2 pers)

Day 1:

This hike starts in Lakshol heading for Storskogvatnet in Rago National Park. The first day we move about 8 km, and get to know the area as we go further in to the park.

At Storskogvatnet there are opportunities for swimming, fishing or meditation before bedtime.

Day 2:

The next day we continue to Sølvskarvatnan and further on to the bridge over Litlverivassforsen. After a good break here, the hike continues up "Grisryggen - Pigs back " where you can feel the height if you want. We continue on path and tractor road to descend 400 meters until we reach the main road, and continue about two km east towards the parking lot in Laksehol.