EN - Tur med hund og kløv

Take Your Own Pack Husky to One of Bodø's Most Popular Hiking Destinations: Keiservarden!

Keiservarden is renowned for its breathtaking 360-degree views over both the sea and the city of Bodø. It's one of the best spots to witness the midnight sun and the northern lights (depending on the season). And who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of the majestic sea eagle.

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate 

Distance: 2.6 km one way (total 5.2 km) 

Duration: 3 hours E

levation Gain: 259 meters 

Meeting Point: Wood Hotel Bodø parking lot 

Meeting Times: 11:30 AM and 8:00 PM by appointment. 

We are flexible, and other times can be arranged. What to Bring: Dress and footwear appropriate for the weather, your own packed lunch (food and drink)

Requirements: You should be in reasonably good shape. The dogs are strong and trained for pulling. (The hike can also be done without a dog, or the guide can take over one or more dogs if it becomes too challenging.)


  • Adults: 1550 NOK per adult (minimum 2 participants)
  • Children: 1250 NOK per child (10-16 years old, accompanied by an adult)
  • Children under 10 years old: Please inquire.


The Hike

You will be greeted by the guide and his friendly huskies at the Wood Hotel Bodø parking lot for instructions and training with the huskies, as well as information about the hike. Each of you will be assigned a husky with a pack, pulling harness, and belt, along with the necessary equipment. The dogs can carry some of your baggage (up to 10 liters and 10 kg).

The hike starts from the parking lot and transitions into a beautiful and varied trail, including some stone steps uphill to the top of Keiservarden. We have plenty of time, and this experience is all about enjoying the serenity with these gentle dogs. At the summit, we'll take a break, light a fire, and prepare coffee or tea over the flames. We'll savor the incredible view and tranquility before returning with the dogs.

Welcome to the adventure! 

The Dogs

The dogs are well-trained, social, and very friendly. They belong to the Siberian Husky breed. This breed is an ancient dog, dating back 3000 years, originally descended from Laika dogs found in northeastern Siberia, Russia. The dogs were imported to North America before the gold rush around the 1900s as working dogs and were subsequently established as a distinct breed.

Siberian Huskies are robust, love to work, and naturally have an affection for people and children. This affinity stems from their early days when they freely roamed the village during the summer months, interacting with children.

You can see our dogs here…