Packraft in RAGO

Area: Storskogelva - Rago Nasjonalpark

Duration: 5 -7 hours

Level: Simple - Medium.

Meeting point: Lakshol

Price: 1950, - pr. person including all equipment

We offer a guided tour with packraft, and take you on a magical experience in the Storskogelva at Rago National Park.

Packraft is an easily inflatable "kayak" of approx. 4 kilograms. With the packraft you get close to the water and it is easy to handle and very stable. We start the trip by carrying the equipment approx 4 kilometers in slightly hilly terrain up the valley. We walk along the river and up Nordskaret, approx. 100 meters above the river. Once up, we can enjoy the view and drink water from the clear mountain stream at the top.

From Nordskaret it is approx. 1.5 km in hilly terrain before we cross the National Park border and enter Rago National Park. The trip continues further into the National Park and down towards the river again, where we find a nice place for a good break.

The paddling trip starts after we have received a review of safety and use of the packraft. The trip down the clear and clean river is like an adventure. We paddle calmly, and let the river take us slowly down through gentle bends and shallow rapids.

Eventually we come below the Litiverivassforsen, and it is something very special to see the waterfall from this angle and at the same time look up at the sky and feel the calm in the majestic valley. A little further down the river, we go ashore at some nice sandbanks, where we make coffee while enjoying the lunch we brought.

When we board the packrafts again after the break, all we have to do is sit back and enjoy the magical silence while the clear water takes us down the Storskogelva. The river gets stronger as we approach Storfossen, and we have to go ashore and carry the equipment approx. 300 meters before we paddle further down the river again.

For the last part of the trip, the river is calm again, and when we reach the path we passed on the way up, we go ashore. Here we pack up the equipment and return to Lakshol. 

Good to bring with you:

You will most likely get a little wet and change of clothes and socks of wool is a good idea to bring.

We lend you a waterproof bag for your things..


Good to know..

What do I need to bring myself?

You bring your own rucksack, food, drink and hiking clothing adapted to the weather and conditions. Bring a change of clothes, you might get a little wet during the paddling. Feel free to also bring extra shoes and socks (nice to change into dry ones after the trip).

Can I book this tour for one person?

Yes, you can sign up alone. We put together small groups. We must have at least two people to do a trip with packraft in Rago. If you want exclusive guiding just for you, you pay for two people.

How long and demanding is the trip?

The trip requires you to enjoy walking a total of about 6 - 7 km on a path and partly in hilly terrain, carry your own rucksack and packraft (which weighs about 4 kg). Paddling along the still-flowing river is not demanding. The pack power you sit in is very stable, so you don't have to be afraid that you will tip over and end up in the water. Participants on a trip with packraft in Rago must be able to swim. Recommended age limit 12 years.