Season: July - August

Duration: 5 days

Participants: Max 8 pers.

Level: Demanding.

Total length of the hike ca. 60 km where we carry all equipment and food.

When weather allows we climb the Rago summit.

Price: 5500,- pr. person

Grenseløs villmark - Norge på tvers

This hike last 5 days and gives you the wildest and strongest nature experience. Norway crossing is an unique expedition. The hike enters Rago National Park via Storskogvatnet at 67º north. It requires that you are in good physical shape and able to carry a heavy backpack (up to 15-20 kg) with all the necessary equipment. When weather allows we climb the Rago summit (Rágo- or Ráhkotjåhkkå) at 1312 moh. 

Contact us for possible dates and booking.

This is a challenging hike, but seize the opportunity, challenge yourself! 

"Look more often towards the north. 

Walk into the wind, your cheeks turning redder.

Find the untrodden path. Keep to it. It is shorter.

North is best.

The winter's flame sky, the summer night's sun miracle.

Walk into the wind.

Climb the mountains.

Look towards the north. More often.

This land is vast. Most of it is north."

Rolf Jakobsen