Terms & Conditions 

Terms of participation in our tours, courses, events, and other activities.

In order for us to give you the best wilderness experiences and for you to feel safe on our trips, we recommend that you read our terms and conditions. When you sign up for activities with us, you have accepted these .

Registration and important information

Our hikes are open to anyone who satisfies the requirements placed on the participants' physical and mental ability to complete the activity.

Before you sign up, you are obliged to read our tour descriptions thoroughly and assess whether you are physically / mentally able to participate in the activity, without risk for yourself or others.

If you need advice on your health , we require that you consult a doctor and receive a recommendation for the activity you wish to participate in.

Some hikes require a heavy backpack. You must bring clothes / equipment that are suitable for hiking in all kinds of weather, and on some hikes we give you extra equipment to carry (Max. 3 kg)

Our participants agree to follow the tour guide's instructions.

If the participant does not satisfy the physical / mental requirements, or shows up with inadequate equipment, we may unfortunately have to refuse you to participate without a refund from us.

In such case we do not take responsibility for your return from the meeting point. Any costs of the return must be covered by the participant. As a participant, you may be held liable for losses or additional expenses incurred by Rago Adventures in the event of a gross breach of the above provisions.

It is especially important to bring the required equipment for the activities.


Our prices include the services mentioned under "Our trips". Rago Adventures reserves the right to increase / decrease the price in the event of new or changed taxes / fees, exchange rate changes, printing errors, costs due to force majeure or the like. An increase must be notified as soon as possible and no later than 10 days before the hiking starts.


If the payment is not in our account no later than two days before the trip, Rago Adventures may cancel the trip without notice, unless the customer can document that payment has taken place within the deadline.


Cancellations must be sent in writing by e-mail to post@ragoadventures.no within 48 hours before the activity, otherwise it is considered "non-attendance".

In the event of cancellation of activities with a total amount of more than NOK 2,000, the organizer retains an administrative fee of NOK 300 per participant.

Rago Adventures shall, if canceled in accordance with the following provisions, refund the amount paid (less the fee) as soon as the necessary documentation is provided by the participant.

Cancellation for the following reason:

1. Acute illness or accidental injury, acute severe exacerbation of chronic illness or death that strikes.

a. registered tour participant, his travel companion or

b. his immediate family in the Nordic countries (spouse / cohabitant, children and grandchildren, parents and grandparents, siblings, brother-in-law / sister-in-law, parents-in-law / children).

2. Fire, burglary or water main damage in the insured's residence, business or office after the insurance has been taken out. The customer must notify Rago Adventures as soon as possible after the incident that the hike has been canceled. A valid medical certificate or insurance certificate must be sent to the organizer as soon as possible before the amount can be refunded. If no cancellation occurs and the participant does not show up, a refund can not be demanded.


If a participant has to cancel an activity, Rago Adventures is not responsible for additional costs resulting from the cancellation. In such cases, reference is made to the participant's private travel insurance. Participant is also not entitled to reimbursement of all or part of the activity cost.

Cancellation of activity 

Rago Adventures can cancel an activity due to force majeure, difficult weather conditions, too few registered, lack of tour guide or simular reasons.

In the event of cancellation, the organizer is obliged, if possible, to notify the participants - no later than 48 hours before the trip for activities with a duration of 5 days or more and - no later than 24 hours before the trip for activities with a duration of 3 days or less. If an activity is canceled due to the mentioned reasons, the entire amount paid will be refunded. Beyond this, the participants are not entitled to compensation. 

Changes to the activity before starting

We reserve the right to change the program due to significant changes, or special conditions that make it difficult to carry out the activity as planned. This could be changes in schedules, unforseen events etc.

If possible, Rago Adventures will notify you of any significant changes prior to departure. Such changes entitle the participant to withdraw from participation. The entire amount paid will then be refunded. Bad weather forecast in advance of an activity is not defined as "Significant changes".

Changes during the hike

The responsible tour guide / instructor / dog handler can make changes or terminate the activity due to force majeure, injury to those responsible for the activity, accident or the like. Upon completion of the activity, the participants will be refunded the unused part of the activity package.

Beyond this, the participants are not entitled to compensation. Refunds will be sent to participants after they have submitted their claim to Rago Adventures.

On mountain hikes, the tour guide makes safety assessments along the way, based on weather and driving, among other things. This can lead to weather conditions or the route being changed. This is something you have to expect when traveling in the mountains. No refunds will be given for such changes.

Responsibility of the participants

The participant may be held liable for damages, losses or additional expenses incurred by the organizer in the event of a serious breach of the above provisions.

Tour leader's responsibility

On our trips, the tour guide focuses on safety, first aid and safe route choices. We have first aid equipment, GPS, and other safety equipment to make the trip as safe as possible for all our participants.