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Wilderness experiences in Salten

Rago Adventures AS is an adventure company established in Nordland, Norway. We want to give our guests the best wilderness experiences and are happy to guid you into the beautiful and wild nature.

We take you into the Rago wilderness. This mountain area has blooming valleys, open hillsides and spectaculare waterfalls.

Salten offers great hikes, and we offer the pinnacles for you. 

foto: Jim T Kristensen
foto: Jim T Kristensen

Untouched nature

Rago National Park borders the Swedish National Park Padjelanta, which further borders Sarek and Stora Sjöfallet National Parks. Together, these national parks constitute one of the largest contiguous wilderness areas in Europe. The areas are important for the protection of biological diversity and for securing wilderness nature. Rago, in contrast to the Swedish national parks across the border, has a typical coastal climate with a lot of rainfall, cold summers and warm winters.  

A rich diversity of plants and wildlife

Here you will find very old pine forest, with rare types of fungi. As many as 20 red-listed fungal species have been found in the pine forests in the area.

The wolverine has a permanent home here, and has found himself at ease in the inaccessible mountain areas. The same applies to other marmots such as lynx and snow mice. Of larger animals, moose are very common. Lynx act as stray animals, and it is not impossible that a bear can come over from the Swedish wilderness areas.

Protected nature area

This small but still wild and powerful national park got its name from the Sami word Rakkok. Rakkok means "difficult and impassable mountain area".

Rago National Park was protected in 1971, and together with the three Swedish parks constitutes the Nordic region's largest protected nature area.


Virtually untouched nature provides adventures to remember.

Life in Rago is basic and in harmony with nature. We move through the wilderness and return with awe and respect.